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“I have made massive changes to my lifestyle already by making
a positive decision to move to Northern Ireland, actually taking steps to
arrange accommodation, applying for employment and organising to rent my
home out in Birmingham.  This has all taken place within approximately 4
weeks.  Jennifer made me sit up and do something positive about it, to
actually improve my life for me and for once in my life to actually put
myself first
. I am extremely grateful to Jennifer to give me the strength
and courage to take these steps.  Jennifer has helped me to turn my life around for the better.”

Jackie Scott


“Thank you for your input into my personal development which has caused such a vast improvement to my performance.  I was stuck in limbo not knowing what to do with a dysfunctional relationship which was affecting all areas of my life and making concentrating at work very difficult, even though I love my job. After our session I felt empowered enough to take steps to end the relationship.   Since then my performance has improved greatly and I feel more settled and happy. Sleeping at night is easier and therefore getting up for work is no longer the great struggle it was. This is the best training they have ever given me. If only more employers would offer this there would be lot less sick days, less stress…  ”

Julia Chance, Advantage West Midlands


“The coaching helped me to focus on what I need to prioritise in my life and how to effectively achieve these changes. Jennifer challenged me and took me to the edge of my comfort zone at times which is exactly what I needed.”

 Ali Murray, Ignition Training & Development