Easy Tiger Parents Programme for Schools




How many  £000,0’s could you SAVE in staff’s time being allocated to educating children rather than staff attending to parents and their children’s needs?


Many of you have shared with us your challenges and frustrations about engaging with parents. Or rather parents reluctance to engage with you!

We are aware that some of parents’ challenges about engaging with you stems from fears of being judged or having fingers pointed at them. This could be due to some parents not having dealt with their own school experiences or feeling intimidated by authority figures.

Allow me to introduce my Easy Tiger Parents Programme to you.

The Easy Tiger Parents Programme is essentially about developing self love and enabling parents to take more control of their lives. (But, we don’t tell parents that it’s about developing self love, otherwise their unlikely to attend our programmes!)

In general, the Easy Tiger Parents Programme is enabling parents to get rid of emotional roadblocks that might be preventing them from engaging, interacting, or bonding with their children.

We are confident we can help to bring about a difference in parents’ lives which might be preventing them from engaging with you! Give us an opportunity to show you.

See our testimonials from previous clients and parents here: http://easytigerparentsystem.com/testimonials/


How Would It Work?

A choice of a 4 Week Parents Programme delivered onsite or offsite depending on the parents’ preferences

Parents’ options could be attendance of the Programme at the time slot that suits them best. For instance:

10:00am – 12:00pm

12:45pm – 2:45pm

4:30 – 6:30 pm

This 4 Week Programme could be repeated for other parents that you engage with.


What Would it Cost? 

Parents pay £27 each per session

You pay £47 per parent per session plus + expenses

Minimum of 8 and maximum of 12 parents for each session to run successfully

Parents get a Certificate of Attendance and Completion at the end of the Programme.


**Our experience is that if this Programme is free for Parents, Parents tend not to value it as readily as making some contribution towards the cost of the Programme.


Qualifying the parents for the programme could include:

Letting parents know that if they choose to sign up for the Programme, that:

  • They must be able to take part in all sessions
  • If they do not complete the Programme they may incur full fee being payable (unless it is an emergency that they could substantiate)
  • They must arrive on time
  • Give a minimum of 2 weeks notice to withdraw from Programme before the start of the Programme, which would allow other parents to take up the opportunity


What difference would it make to you to have parents engage?

How much time could you save by having parents who engage and cooperative?

How much time could you save by having a pupil/young person who feels supported at home?


What Do You Get For This Investment?

  •  Design and delivery of the Easy Tiger Parents Programme for 8 to 12 Parents
  • The Programme can be tailor-made to meet the needs of the Parents that you engage with
  • Certificates  of Attendance and Completion for each Parent
  • Evaluation/Feedback of the Programme


Make life easier for you and your colleagues and Book your Easy Tiger Parents Programme now!


What Do You Do Now?

For an awareness of the Easy Tiger Parents Programme, visit http://easytigerparentsystem.com/easy-tiger-parent-system/

Alternatively, contact us now for further information or to Book an Easy Tiger Parents Programme

Contact us on 0121 551 1668 or jh AT stepup-international.co.uk


We look forward to hearing from you shortly

Step Up! International Team