Easy Tiger Parent System™

Liberating Parents and Giving Children Back Their Parents


In life we all have some kind of   challenge from time to time, don’t we?

Well parents are no different

 And that’s where we come in!

Have you ever wondered why children act up at the time when you could least do with them playing up?

Well, one of the main reasons could be that they are picking up on your stress and anxiety within any given situation and because they don’t know how to deal with this stress, they ‘act up’ or ‘play up’ as a way of communicating to you that something is not right.

Easy Tiger Parents Programme

The main emphasis of the Easy Tiger Parent System™  is working from an emotional and psychological perspective to liberate Parents and enable you to get rid of the Emotional Roadblocks™ that might be stopping you from engaging or interacting with your children; Emotional Roadblocks™ that may preventing you from experiencing life to the full, go back to work(or work for the first time)  or seek further promotion or take up further education.


 Easy Tiger Parent System™ is very versatile and can have any focus that you want it to have to meet your parenting needs, e.g. confidence, relationships, values, engaging with your children, personal and family goals etc. We work with you from a whole person perspective, as we recognise that you are performing different roles in your lives which means that we do not just focus on your role as a parent. We recognise that it is, most often than not, some of your other life challenges, e.g. relationship or childhood conditioning, that is at the root cause of your ability to parent in the way that is right for you, which means that unless some of these areas are addressed, you are likely to still continue to have parenting challenges, despite your good intentions. Hence, our focus on a whole person perspective.


Most importantly, our Easy Tiger Parent System™helps to eradicate negative habits and patterns that are running your life, to replace these with more empowering, positive,  supportive beliefs, patterns, habits and an emotionally stronger parent.


We take our lead from a neuroscience perspective of extensive research and evidence which indicates that parents need to be emotionally strong within themselves in order to be able to assist their children in managing their emotions. If babies and children are not assisted in managing their emotions from an early age, their brain is likely to be ‘hard-wired’ to and maintain an over-active stressed state.  That is why our focus is on you managing your own emotions and assist you in taking an ACTIVE involvement in creating or re-creating your home environment for your children’s emotional well being.


Our  focus is on you because you are in a position to affect change, and therefore we do not advocate behaviour management for the children as they are more than likely reacting or responding to their personal or public environment.


Lastly, we believe that behaviour is a valuable piece of communication which sometimes parents and other adults miss or ignore, sometimes to the child’s detriment. We believe that the behaviour is the child’s way of communicating to us that something is not right or that they are feeling distressed in some way or are experiencing some other underlying issues. If these underlying issues are not addressed, they may well be displaced into other bigger behaviour challenges.

Previous Parents that we have worked with have found the Easy Tiger Parents Programme to be:

Ö  At a far more deeper level than anything that they have experienced before

Ö  Helps to identify the root cause of their problems

Ö  Gain confidence

Ö  Useful for setting and achieving goals

Ö  Good for learning how to relate to and interact with their children at different ages

Ö  Something that gave them the push that they needed

Ö   “A Programme that made me realise that there is a ME!”

Ö  Inspired to do something about things that have been niggling them for years

Ö  Motivated them to take action

Ö  Made them realise that they are not that selfish after all for wanting to take some time for themselves.

Ö  Useful in helping them to become more aware of their surroundings and taking real action to make the necessary changes.

Given that the emphasis is of a WHOLE PERSON perspective, we include a Life Action Planning process with a step-by- step approach that you use as an on-going basis to create the life you want for yourself and your family.


Solutions Focused processes and Forward looking processes that brings about a real, lasting change and difference in your life that is just perfect for you in your own situation and circumstances.  Each solution is different for each parent as you find your own solutions that you are motivated by and committed to follow through to get the results that you desire.

As Adults, we treat all the parents we work with as if they already have all the answers; they just need someone or a process to help them to access the solutions.