Born To Win! Program

The Born To Win! Programme For Young People™

enables young people to create the lives they want as opposed to potentially the lives that they fall into.

The Programme has different strands to it:

Generic programme Born To Win! Programme for Young People™

Motivational and Inspirational Born To Win! Talk & Workshop: – This is both interactive and action-orientated helping young people to focus on what they want, whilst getting rid of  negative messages and replacing them with more positive, empowering messages.

This Generic Programme also offers young people an opportunity to have an open discussion platform, covering a range of topical issues such as entrepreneurship, bullying, parenting, and relationships.
The Programme is available for small groups or larger groups

Sexual Relationships Workshop
Offering a platform for students to explore and openly discuss issues relating to relationships; sexual relationships and domestic violence.

Financial Capabilities Workshop
Open discussion and opportunities to explore money and how they can make it work for them

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Testimonials From Young People & Clients:

‘The ‘Born To Win!’ Workshop was a very good Workshop. It offered helpful advice and is refreshing to learn. The Speaker was Brill! ‘Born To Win!’ is like a stepping stone to your future.’

Jemma, Student at Stourbridge College


‘This was really helpful. It was a lot better than I thought it would be like and the three hours went very quickly.’

Anusha, Student at Stourbridge College


‘The Workshop to help young girls to achieve their dreams was very inspirational. The majority of the 90 girls who took part were really interested in finding out how to reach their goals and benefited not only from the stepped approach from the fact that they were told they could achieve whatever they put their mind to. The girls were actively involved in both the Talk and Workshops and enjoyed making their dream-boards as it gave them a chance to reflect on their future (both long and short term) which they do not really get time for in the busy life of school.

I would definitely recommend the workshops to other schools as it inspired both students and staff to give things a go and really believe that they can reach their goal and I would definitely have you back again.’

Louise Maher, PSHE Coordinator, Head of Year, Perry Beeches School


‘I am starting to think about how I can do what I want instead of how I can’t’

‘From today, I will not to let anyone put me down’

‘I will value each opportunity I receive’

City College Students


‘This is the best Workshop we’ve had’

Birmingham University Student


The sessions provided a rare opportunity for students to think broadly about what it means to ‘create their own success’.  While all 8 tools were essential in helping students realise this phrase, I felt that the breakdown of the Life Action Plan and the Success Mindset Principles™ were very practical exercises that showed students how to pull apart and understand their aspirations and life choices.  It also helped students learn from previous accomplishments, which I find an amazingly useful tool in my own life. Your workshops reminded students (and myself to be honest) that the onus is upon the individual to create the future they’d like to have. However, it also showed the importance of identifying available support and making full use of it.

Rashidah Andrews, Training Consultant, Halesowen College


“Really good! The Workshop brought together the whole Sexual Relationships Day. The pupils engaged and were able to pinpoint things highlighted previously. They definitely got it and you could see it made them think.”

Miss Dowe, Deansfield High School.


The Born to win program was a real inspiration to our students. In the 31/2 hour session Jennifer covered a wide range of issues all of which could easily impact on the students’ future.  The students thoroughly enjoyed making the life collage that has a week later still been a talking point with many of them. I found it to be a great way to start out Year 10 PSHE program and will very keenly start the same way next year.

Martyn Garner, PSHE Coordinator and Senior Management Team, Solihull School.


“Really informative Sessions which covered many topics. The Born To Win! Sexual Relationships Day provided fantastic interaction with the pupils and kept them engaged! Jennifer talked to the pupils and not at them, and wasn’t shocked by their responses and her approach was encouraging, patient and friendly. A really good day!”

Beverley Copcutt, Deansfield High School