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 We “Liberate Families To Find Their Truth”

Mission Statement

Step Up! International’s mission is to help to strengthen families through self love and appreciation for others and for them to feel like a whole family irrespective of circumstances.

To help family members live their truth and their real lives as apposed to potentially the lives that they fall into; and to reduce or eliminate the need for self harm.

By ground-breaking, action orientated and ‘closed loop’ approaches that offers them experiential journeys that is both personal and right for them as a family.


Easy Tiger Parents Programme

Parent & Relationship Coaching

WE  Liberate Parents and Give Children Back Their Parents

We enable parents to get rid of Emotional Roadblocks™ that may be preventing them from engaging or interacting with their children, so that they grow even more emotionally strong and resilient for themselves and their children.

We do this through our unique and pioneering results orientated Easy Tiger Parent System™


Our Services

Liberating Parents & Giving Children Back Their Parents



We welcome comments and enquiries about Your needs, Parents needs and Children & Young People’s training needs


 See more information on our website for Self Harm Training www.stepup-international.co.uk